Questions For Your Orthodontist.

There's no such thing as a silly question.


Have you ever visited the doctor and left thinking, "Oh, I should have asked them _____."?

Your time is valuable. We keep things simple. We keep treatment efficient.

During your consultation you will likely discuss many things.

We've taken the time to put together some questions that you may want to ask when meeting the doctor.


How long will my treatment last?

Is there anything that I'm not allowed to eat or drink?

Will my treatment be painful?

What happens if I break a bracket or lose an aligner?

Will my speech be affected?

Can I still play sports or my musical instrument?


How often will we have to visit your office?

My child doesn't have all of their teeth yet. How can they be ready to start?

How much is the investment? Are there payment options?

Are retainers included with treatment?

What type of retainers do you recommend and why?