For Kids, Teens & Adults.

It's an opportunity of a lifetime.


Preventative Orthodontic Care with Early Treatment

Starting treatment at the right time gives the younger patient more conservative treatment choices. This prevents the need for extractions or surgical procedures later.

Early orthodontics for children.

A bad bite or crooked teeth start early in your child's development. Most parents are unable to detect irregular patterns in dental health. Screening early for Phase I orthodontic treatment uncovers potential breathing, dental and other functional issues.

Preventative and Proactive

We believe strongly in early screenings because early treatment can sometimes eliminate the need for braces and/or often turn patients into Invisalign Teen® candidates.

What's up with 7&UP?

It's not soda we're talking about! The smiles of children are our top priority. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends every child have their first orthodontic screening by age seven.


Why so early? At age seven, a child's permanent first molars and several front teeth have begun to erupt. At no obligation, Dr. Shawn Pesh is able to check a young child's dental eruption and bite, evaluate their jaws, and determine if any early intervention is necessary.


Planning for a healthy smile.

We believe it's necessary to plan for success and use a baseline panoramic scan to screen all children. Early detection is key and this image shows us all of your child's developing teeth and jaw structures. It also provides key information regarding treatment timing.

Pursuing more orthodontic options.

We'll lay it out on the table for you. We give you the opportunity to make informed decisions. There's more than one way to do things and we review risks, benefits, and alternatives to all available options.

Removing serious, avoidable skeletal and dental problems is the ultimate goal of early treatment in our practice.

– Dr. Shawn Pesh


Teenage years are the perfect time for braces.

We champion youth by giving teens confidence to smile for the rest of their lives.

Braces for a teen is another way a parent shows love.

Attention teens and parents! Did you know that having gone through braces develops and reinforces good dental habits? During Invisalign Teen®, clear braces or traditional treatment you'll expand your understanding of why you want to care for your teeth and smile. Reality soon sets in that you have one smile life.

Orthodontic knowledge is our expertise.

Trust from years of orthodontic knowledge and expertise. Engage in our bioprogressive orthodontic method and get more than straight teeth. Get the rewards from our everything counts attitude. We'll work harder to give you the smile of your dreams.

Get your new smile done right the first time.

We know your family is busy.

As the only local orthodontist with practice locations in Temecula, Murrieta and Menifee we make it easier to book treatment. More hours, more locations and always the same doctor and same great care.

We champion youth through smiles.

Our core values center on giving back to the community. At an early age Dr. Pesh wanted to champion youth. As an Orthodontist he loves giving teens confidence for the rest of their lives.

With science, artistry and passion our staff enjoys working with youth.

80% of the teenagers in the U.S. are currently in orthodontic treatment.

– American Association of Orthodontists

Great smile. Great lifestyle. Great benefits for you.

Your Health

With crooked teeth increased dental plaque buildup is common. Bacterial proliferation between teeth increases potential for gum disease and can lead to heart problems. Straight teeth eases hygiene and can improve your health. Teens who go through braces with us get an amazing smile. They also avoid being in the 74% of adults who have misaligned teeth.

Your Success

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting you. A smile is a big part of making a first impression. A smiling face tells people that you’re positive, outgoing and worth getting to know. The world is a competitive place. We build smiles giving teens a personal asset to anchor success.

Your Relationships

Emotions are contagious. When you smile your brain releases endorphins and serotonin which improves mood and relieves stress. Smiling makes you feel better inside and appear more attractive to others. An amazing smile helps a teen look their best now and forever.

In the U.S., 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is an adult

– American Association of Orthodontists


Comfortable, cosmetic and clear orthodontic options. Sound good?

Our adult patients are finding out how a healthy, attractive smile can enhance their careers and social lives. It's never too late to get the smile you deserve.

Advances in orthodontics benefit adults.

Comfort and confidence don't come from thin air. Comfort takes understanding your special physical and emotional needs. Confidence comes from the progression of orthodontic appliances. Materials that are smaller, lighter, more comfortable and discrete.

We help adults like you finally have the smile you've always wanted. 

Clear braces clearly for adults.

Perfect for adults. Radiance Plus clear braces are the ultimate combination of beauty, performance and strength. Designed to work with almost every type of case.

Radiance Plus clear braces give you confidence during treatment.

Invisalign® delivers invisible teeth alignment.

The choice to wear braces may be a daunting choice as an adult. You're busy. Your work and personal lifestyle may not have room for traditional wired braces. Invisalign® offers adults a nearly invisible orthodontic treatment option.

Eat what you want. Know that the path to a beautiful smile doesn't have to impact your lifestyle or career.

Gentle care is the only care.

When it comes to orthodontics and especially braces, adults have special needs. Different age groups have different needs. We won't surprise you during treatment.

We have a  clear understanding of adult patient care. We'll make your treatment plan and visits as gentle and pleasant as possible.