It takes about 15-30 minutes.
Getting Braces On
W E L C O M I N G     B R A C E S

Give your mouth time to adjust. It only gets easier.

The first day is a big one. Everything is new. You're a bit tender but it will go away.

Advances in Orthodontics

The art and science of orthodontics has been around since The Greeks. Technologies we use today make the patient experience better. Treatment time is faster and patient comfort is higher. The latest advances in orthodontics make treatment more efficient and more comfortable.

Enjoy high-tech wires, lighter forces and smaller brackets with precise engineering.

You've got treatment options.

We offer everything from braces that don’t need any tightening (self-ligating) to esthetic braces that almost disappear against your teeth.


Or you can choose Invisalign which allows us to improve your smile without braces.


At your initial consultation we are happy to discuss and show you all your options to find a solution that fits your look and your lifestyle.



Getting your braces on consists of a few steps:

1. Cleaning your teeth.

2. Bonding brackets to your teeth. This involves some dental glue and a cool curing laser.

3. Inserting archwires into brackets.
Elastic ties of your color choice when needed.

You’ll be comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

New techniques and materials today make orthodontic
treatment more comfortable than ever. Discomfort, if any, is shortlived.

– American Association of Orthodontists

Great smile. Great lifestyle. Great benefits for you.

Your Health

With crooked teeth increased dental plaque buildup is common. Bacterial proliferation between teeth increases potential for gum disease and can lead to heart problems. Straight teeth eases hygiene and can improve your health.

Your Success

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting you. A smile is a big part of making a first impression. A smiling face tells people that you’re positive, outgoing and worth getting to know.

Your Relationships

Emotions are contagious. When you smile your brain releases endorphins and serotonin which improves mood and relieves stress. Smiling makes you feel better inside and appear more attractive to others.

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